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What do alloy series products include?

Update time:2022-05-31 Focus on:1435

Alloy series product is a summary term for alloy products. It includes various product materials. Many of us have heard of this term, but if we give a specific example, it may be a little difficult. Today Let's introduce a material in the alloy series.

Silicon barium alloy: This alloy product is used as desulfurization and deoxidizer. The two elements, silicon and barium, can play a role in promoting each other in the process of deoxidation, which improves the utilization rate of the deoxidizer. In use, silicon-barium can reduce the oxygen content of the steel, and the amount of reduction is also large. At the same time of reducing the oxygen content, other oxidizing substances can be floated from the rigid liquid, and the purity of the rigid liquid can be improved. Improve the toughness, strength and impact resistance of steel.

Silicon-barium alloy has several obvious characteristics: it can improve the recovery rate of silicon and save the amount of carbon powder added; the desulfurization effect is good, which can shorten the steelmaking cycle; the deoxidation effect is good, which can solve the problem of reducing the continuous flow of molten steel Nodulation of the nozzle; the use of silicon-barium alloy is not complicated, it is convenient for the operator to operate, and does not require additional equipment to assist; the application range of silicon-barium alloy is large, although it cannot completely replace other alloy products , such as silicon aluminum barium, silicon calcium and other products, but it can replace some of them, and its cost is low, if it is used as a substitute, the cost can also be reduced.

Through this article, I believe you have also learned about one of the alloy series products---silicon-barium alloy. If you have any relevant information you want to know, please log on to the official website of Henan Heritage Casting to learn more: