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noculant is a kind of material which can promote graphitization, reduce the tendency of white mouth,

  • 1:Eliminate or alleviate white mouth tendencies;
  • 2:Avoid supercooled tissue
  • 3:The form of graphite in cast iron is mainly small and evenly distributed A-type graphite, thereby improving the mechanical properties of cast iron
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noculant is a kind of material which can promote graphitization, reduce the tendency of white mouth, improve the morphology and distribution of graphite, increase the number of eutectic groups and refine the matrix structure. It has a good effect in a short time (about 5 -- 8 minutes) after inoculation. It is mainly suitable for the general or late instantaneous inoculation of various situations.

Inoculation treatment refers to adding a small amount of other substances to the liquid metal in the solidification process to promote nucleation, inhibit growth, and achieve the purpose of grain refinement. Conventionally, adding additives to cast iron is called inoculation treatment; Adding additives to non-ferrous alloys is called metamorphic treatment. In essence, inoculation mainly affects nucleation and promotes grain dissociation. While metamorphic treatment changes the crystal growth mechanism (inhibiting growth), thus affecting the crystal morphology.


The role of inoculant:

The mechanical properties of gray cast iron depend largely on its microstructure. The gray cast iron without inoculation treatment has unstable microstructure, low mechanical properties and easy to appear white in the thin wall of casting. Inoculation treatment is essential to ensure the consistency of casting quality.

The inoculant used in the inoculation treatment of cast iron has great influence on its microstructure, so it can improve the mechanical properties of gray cast iron, and also has obvious influence on its physical properties. Good inoculation treatment has the following effects:

◆Eliminate or alleviate whitemouth tendency;

◆Avoid supercooled tissue;

◆The morphology of graphite in cast iron is mainly fine and evenly distributed a-type graphite, so as to improve the mechanical properties of cast iron.

The well-bred cast iron has better fluidity, reduced shrinkage, improved machining performance and reduced residual stress.

Detailed classification of methods of use:

The name of   the


Characteristics of the

Usage and packaging




Nodular inking inoculant for cast iron


(Inoculant for ductile iron)

⊙, the addition   amount of ⊙ is only half of fe-Si system inoculants

⊙, ZFYCS is most   suitable for thin walled small parts

⊙, Mechanical   strength, has the effect of deoxidation and desulphurization

⊙, The birth time   is long and the effect is good

⊙, The concave   part is small to improve the machinability of casting

⊙, The water of iron is added up to 20%.
The continuous addition of the second half of the water of iron meets the great effect. 

0.05%-0.10% ZFSCCM is added into the furnace  according to the depth of white opening of test pieces before the
⊙ iron   water is separated

⊙ particle size is below 3mm

Packing: 1000Kg ton package


As well as for ordinary cast iron


Inoculant for ductile iron

⊙, The effect of preventing white mouth is obvious,
the duration is long, and the specific gravity is large and easy to dissolve

⊙, the yield of the slag is small and the pores are  few

⊙, The deoxidation effect is strong,
improving the   fluidity of molten iron

⊙, The ⊙ improves elongation

⊙, The stabilization effect of the reaction is   great if the ⊙ is mixed with Mg alloy

☉The fine particle size can be instantaneously inoculated at the molten iron port,
and the particle size can be added in the bag
☉The standard   addition amount is 0.2-0.5%,
and the Si content will remain in molten iron by  0.5% with an increase of 1%
☉Size 0.5 3 mm 3-10 mm

0.1-0.5mm (instantaneous inoculation)

Packing: 1000Kg ton package


Advanced   add silicon deoxidizing inoculant

⊙, Hot iron with few nonmetallic inclusions is  obtained by strong deoxidation

⊙, The production amount of slag is small,
which  prolongs the life of furnace wall

⊙, The ⊙ is used for gestate

☉After heating up, 15-20 minutes before molten iron,
the packaged product  can be directly put into the furnace
☉The product contains more than 73%   Si
☉When used as inoculant,
the effect is greater by adding 0.2-0.4%
☉Particle   size below 2mmPacking: 1000Kg ton package


Ordinary cast iron


Compound inoculants for improved hardness of   ductile iron

⊙, used on ordinary cast iron or spheroidal   graphite cast iron,
the ⊙ is added up to 0.1% and has remarkable effects for
 preventing ferrite and increasing hardness

⊙ The product does not produce whitemouth

⊙, The ⊙ is easy to dissolve and segregation does   not occur

☉When the hardness of cast iron is not enough, more ferrite,
according to  the original hardness stability method operation can not be stable,
use this product

☉Granularity of 0 to 10 mm Packing: 1000Kg ton package





Gray iron thin wall and uneven thickness

Coldcasting, especially for the requirement not

A casting that can leak

⊙, The effect of preventing baikou is remarkable and  the duration is long

The ⊙ does not increase the number of eutectic  clusters
and prevent the casting defects such as shrinkage and porosity ⊙, 

The casting defects caused by slag and shrinkage
 cavity are significantly reduced by the extremely low content of aluminum and   calcium, which is easy to melt

☉It is most effective to add 1/4 or 1/5 molten iron into the  ladle☉15/5000

The amount added is 0.2-0.4% of molten iron

☉Si in molten iron increases by 0.7% for every 1% added

☉Particle size 0.1-0.5mm 0.25-1.0mm 0.8-4mm 2-7mm 3-10mm☉

Packing: 1000Kg ton package


Ordinary cast iron nodular cast iron


Vermicular cast iron


Widely used high quality inoculant

⊙, The prevention effect of
⊙ against   baikou is great and lasts long

⊙, The iron water ⊙ is easier to dissolve  than the original general inoculant, and the production of slag and pores is less

⊙, The ⊙ has the same degree of effect as CA-SI in improving the spherical ink shape

⊙, When used on spherical iron, the ⊙ has remarkable effect in promoting spheroidization and ferritization of  spheroidal inking

⊙, A certain amount of cosolvent is added to ⊙, which is conducive to instantaneous dissolution

☉The addition method can be used in the same way as the original Si  inoculant,
and the addition effect is better when the molten iron is flushed into the hot iron drum
☉Fine grain size can be inoculated during pouring,
and grain size can be added in the bag, which has a great effect☉The amount added   is 0.2-0.4% of molten iron

☉This product contains more than 72% SI☉Particle size 0.1 0.3 mm, 0.1-0.5  mm

0.8 4 mm, 2-0.25-1.0 mm 7 mm 3 to 10 mm

☉Packing: 1000Kg ton package




Inoculant   block for ordinary cast iron and ductile cast iron

⊙ is placed within the types

⊙ Common cast iron is used to prevent crease,   improve the structure, and prevent wall thickness sensitivity

⊙, The ⊙ is used on spheroidal cast iron to prevent   whiteout, increase the number of graphite balls and has great effect on   as-cast ferrite

⊙, The ⊙ opens the box quickly, also has great   effect on ferritization

☉The reaction chamber is set up in direct pouring
☉Specifications 60± 5G,   80± 5G,

100 + / - 5 g, etc

☉Spate cups are required for large castings




Strong typeCAINO-SUPER


Strong and   tough cast iron (FC300) and improve the shape of nodular ink, strong tensile
strength using a special inoculant

 White -   mouth inhibitor for thin - wall ductile iron

☉Stable processing (even at lower temperatures, stable processing)
☉Compared   with general CA-Si and other Ca series inoculants,
 they are easy to dissolve  and produce less slag

☉Because of the strong active metal action, the deoxidation effect is  very large,
can improve the fluidity of molten iron

☉It has remarkable effect on the prevention of thin - wall nodular cast   iron☉Coexisting with alloying elements such as Cu and Cr and low alloy cast   iron,
it has the effect of enhancing tensile strength.
The carbides can be  reduced and the directivity of carbides can be greatly improved where the  amount of Cu and Cr is high
☉Effective for machining properties and   densification of tissue


☉Zf-alloy (ordinary type)   containing Ca:9-11%; Zfstr-alloy (strength type) containing Ca:24-27%

Caino-super contains Ca:30-35%

☉Continuous addition to molten   iron is most effective☉If it is difficult to add continuously,
it can also be   added with the molten iron after the injection of 20-30% molten iron
☉When   treating nodular cast iron, it is added when it is subcontracted after spheroidizing treatment.
 If it is not subcontracted,
it is added and stirred on the surface of molten iron☉If it is a large amount of molten iron,
can be divided into several times with the molten iron added

☉Particle size below 4mm Packing: 1000Kg ton package


Product specifications can be customized according to customer requirements

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